2014 Garden Planning & Transplant Production

MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014 @ 7PM
11627 Klinger Street, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212
This class will give a general overview of garden planning, including a look at various plant families and the best time to plant them. We will create a soil mixture for transplant production, and create some transplant starters together. We will discuss soil testing, raised bed creation, and address techniques and troubleshooting for beginning a garden, or evolving an existing grow space.

Participants should bring a solid graphic representation of their gardening area, including rough measurements and relationships to the sun (cardinal directions). Gardening varies greatly from location to location, so the more specifics you have about your garden, the better. Free School will have some soil mixture, transplant packs, and seeds to share.—————————-For more information on HFS, including previous course offerings, and what’s next, visit us at hamtramckfreeschool.org.

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