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DAS KAPITAL Reading Group Sunday Mornings

Ever had the desire to spend Sunday mornings reading a thousand plus page book start to finish just for fun? Ever thought to yourself…”Political economy, now that’s a subject I could really get excited about.” Ever wondered what would prompt a filmmaker to produce a 9.5 hour movie? Well if so then this reading group just might be for you. And if not, well this reading group might still be for you.

Sunday mornings from now until the end of time, or the end of Volume 1 of Das Kapital, whichever comes first, there will be a group dedicated to completing this quest. We will be slogging our way through this dense swampy specter infested literary tome with the hopes of finding the elusive sprite “value” and her companions “TRPF”, “machine production”, “reserve army” and other lesser characters.

This is a collaboration with LRNA and IWW members

We will begin with Chapter 1 of DAS KAPITAL 5/4/14

Update: Reading for 3/15/15 is Chapter 25 of DAS KAPITAL

Location: 140 Atkinson St. Detroit.
Time: 2pm…but it varies so email [email protected] for updates