The Birth of the Pharmacy and the Art of Mental Disorder

This course runs a slightly more than tangent line to some of the issues of mental health and pharmacology. We will examine the birth of the clinic and the pharmacy from historical and philosophical perspectives, and nervously scratch at the skin of the sociologic of mental health and mental health treatment. We live in a world where a growing number of people take prescription drugs, prescribed or not, and a substantial portion of the population self-medicates in some capacity. We will attempt to locate some of the boundaries of pharmacological supplementation and we will explore the industrial and institutional pharmacological apparatuses. The hope is to challenge the approach common to contemporary medical practices around mental health that seek to “normalize” neurophysiology under the banner of “chemical balances” despite the fact that patients almost never have a medical neurochemical profiling.

Canguilhem – The Normal and the Pathological
First Discussion: Feb 7th @ 12pm (140 Atkinson St, Detroit)
(Section 2, Chapter 1 “From the Social to the Vital”, pgs 237-256 )
Second Discussion: Feb 14th @ 12pm (140 Atkinson St, Detroit)
(Section 2, Chapter 2 “On Organic Norms in Man”, pgs 257-274)

FoucaultThe Essential Works Vol 1: Ethics and Subjectivity &  The Birth of the Clinic
Third Discussion: March 7th @ 12pm (11627 Klinger St. Hamtramck)
(“Hermeneutics of the Subject” & “Self Writing”)
Forth Discussion: March 14th @ 12pm (140 Atkinson St. Detroit)
(“Crisis in Fevers”)

Fifth Discussion: March 21th @ 12pm (140 Atkinson St. Detroit)
(“Plato’s Pharmacy”, pgs 61-171)
Sixth Discussion: March 28th @ 12pm (140 Atkinson St. Detroit)
(“Plato’s Pharmacy”, pgs 61-171)

Winnicott – Playing and Reality
Seventh Discussion: April 4th @ 12pm (Stella Coffee, Fisher Building Detroit)

Lakoff – Pharmaceutical Reason
Eighth Discussion: April 11th @ 12pm (Stella Coffee Fisher Building Detroit)

Cosgrove – Financial Ties Between DSM Panel Members & Pharmaceutical Industry
Ninth Discussion: April 25th @ 12pm (Stella Coffee Fisher Building Detroit)

Stiegler – Taking Care of Youth
Tenth Discussion: May 16th @ 12pm (Stella Coffee Fisher Building Detroit)

Preciado – Testo Junkie
Final Discussion: March 30th @ 12pm (TBD)