Dominic Deangelo Oyerinde-Bey

Dominic Deangelo Oyerinde-Bey has been writing poetry since high school. He now continue to let is poetry and art bounce the tone and meaning from one to the other; each tells a story. He's been involved in visual arts since he was a young teen, his art piece in galleries produced by University of Michigan and eastern Michigan University. Dominic says what he is proud of the most is the work he is doing in his heart and of yet has only been seen in pieces. [referencing his poetry and art pieces] Dominic Oyerinde-Bey is a spiritualist and brother to those who promote peace and a well-wisher to all. He works to promote awareness of aspects of social norms/and society itself that are detrimental. The brother wants the wisdom behind compassion, and mercy sewn back into the social fabric in order to promote healing and peace on earth.