Detroit Poetry Society

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Date(s) - Thursday, 08/04/2016
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Klinger Studios


Poetry & Artist development workshops facilitated by Detroit Poetry Society and hosted by Hamtramck Free School.
Thursday, August 4: 7 – 9:30pm. Enter through the wooden gate and then the black side door.

Detroit Poetry Society is a literacy and performance-oriented collective founded in Detroit. Hosting seasonal workshops  based around creative writing, performance and social awareness, DPSOCIETY engages and helps uplift the community with movements for the people, with the people. A human resource bank with anchors who perform across the city and country in various capacities, DPSOCIETY puts extreme focus into  teaching, that the greater one’s awareness of self and surroundings, the more authentic, relatable and relevant the work.

There is a saying in Detroit: “Poetry can be anything.” The DPSociety team, embodies this, putting emphasis on honing the skills of anyone willing to express themselves creatively, moving beyond what is “traditionally” considered poetry.  The Society has hosted master classes in local high schools, facilitated sustainability summits at colleges and been commissioned to travel to different parts of the country, helping develop art and culture with a fresh perspective while preserving the future of progressive voices.