Incarcerated Archive – Old

The Incarcerated Archive is a growing collection of writings and artworks from incarcerated people in the state of Michigan. This collection of material began at a poetry workshop called Writer’s Block. But, given the forced relocation of earlier members, inspired words from incarcerated people across the state began to accumulate. This archive reflects some of that work and will be updated regularly.

For background on some of the members of Writer’s Block see The New Yorker video or read Detroit’s Critical Moment.

Listen to the voices of Writer’s Block poets on FREESCHOOL soundcloud

To submit to the collection send mail to [email protected] or
Attn: Incarcerated Archive
140 Atkinson St.
Detroit, MI 48202

Adrian, James: Poems (2014)
Crosby, Dontrell – Don’t Pity Me (2014)
Daniel-Bey, Kyle Devon (aka Akinyemi): Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Evans, Gloria: Free & What RSAT Taught Me (2014)
Fuson, James Dean (aka J): Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Hall, Raymond (aka Umar): Selected Materials (2014)
Hibbler, Steve: Early Poems (2014)
Jones, David Armstrong: Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Laufenberg, Jamie: Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Malone-El, Donald: Selected Materials (2014)
Peacy, Timothy (aka Lost): Welcome to Detroit (2014)
P: Selected Materials (2013)
Qualls-El, Yusef (aka Q): Selected Material (2013-2014)
Sanders, Maurice (aka Shakim): Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Sanders, Timothy: Early Poems (2014-2015)
Sheperd-El, Major: Selected Materials (2013)
Thomas, James (aka JMo): Selected Materials (2013-2014)
Williams, Fred: Selected Material (2013-2014)
Woods, K: I’m a Doctor I Hope to Heal the Sick (2014)

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